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Robolliance is a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace.

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  • Do Tank Research
    Written by William J. Marshall, Brigadier General, USA (Retired), New Jersey Innovation Institute, Defense and Homeland Security Innovation Laboratory, Robolliance Expert 

    During PSA TEC 2016 in Denver, there was a great deal of discussion over the future of robotics and autonomous systems and operations. The following represents some cutting edge technology and some early adopters, who understand the environment and are working through the various issues and making history along the way.

  • Written by Brian Higgins, President of Group 77, Robolliance Expert

    The use of robots, especially in the field of law enforcement, is not new.  In fact, law enforcement agencies have used them for decades.  So, why has there been so much interest in the use of robots for public safety and security lately?

  • Artificial Intelligence Shouldn't Be Feared

    Written by Jay Stack, president of IGM Creative Group, Robolliance Expert

    Science fiction movies and novels have been harbingers of future dystopias ruled by malevolent artificial intelligence, but when it comes to business, artificial intelligence (AI) should be embraced, not feared. AI's role in the future of product design and marketing communications is bright.

UGVs in Security and Surveillance
Unlike aerial drones or underwater robotics, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) operate on land and navigate without a human driver. UGVs maneuver on most types of terrain for surveillance and maintenance patrols. When it comes to security, UGVs can be equipped to assist and extend human capabilities to perform what is normally deemed dirty, dull and dangerous, leaving manpower to focus on the greater security risks facing society today.

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